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We provide expert training in scientific writing skills for students to become effective science communicators.

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A Guide to
Scientific Writing

This online course is designed to help international students whose native language is not English. The content is also suitable for undergraduate students regardless of native language skills and provides a building block to the next course in the series, ‘How to Write a Scientific Literature Review.'

How to Write a Scientific Literature Review

This course builds upon the content of ‘A Guide to Scientific Writing,’ and is highly recommended by students and staff at our partner academic institutions. The material and practical exercises enable students to confidently approach this academic task and acquire the skills needed to write a high-quality research thesis.

How to Write a
Research Thesis

Building upon the first two courses, 'How to Write a Research Thesis’ takes a broader approach. Students receive instruction on how to produce a high-quality research thesis. They also receive assistance with the complexities of advanced Microsoft Word use, and the opportunity to submit practical work for professional feedback.

Essential Database Search Skills and Building a Bibliography

Supporting our three writing skills courses, students receive training in effective database search skills for written assignments and thesis writing. Training is also given in reference manager software which enables students to build a bibliography of the standard expected at a research-level.

Five-star ratings for our training from students:

“Your point about avoiding unnecessary words really hit home. I found the mixture of slides, audio and interactive knowledge tests worked very well. I felt that the content was very well-paced as I didn’t feel bored or overwhelmed by information at all.”

PhD student, University of Birmingham, UK

“I like that the course was presented in a format that was user-friendly. I also appreciate that the content was rich in valuable information, but presented straightforward and succinctly, without having to take a lot of time away from other studies and lab work to complete.”

PhD student, North Carolina State University, US

“Wonderful idea to be able to dip in and out of this course, gives us students the chance to independently decide when best to complete the course.”

Honours student, University of Aberdeen, UK

“This course has given me a basis for my literature review. The small tips make a big difference!”

Masters student, University of Edinburgh, UK

“This training made me much more aware of how I write and motivated me to do better! The handouts provided at the end were great.”

Honours student, University of Edinburgh, UK

“This opened my mind to questions that I had not thought of regarding my literature review, and how to approach it. Thank you for this course.”

Honours student, North Carolina State University, US

“I would have loved this course when I was starting out in Honours, it explains the process very well and provides a place to start which is often the most daunting part. Thank you, it’s a great course, and I loved that it was online so I could do it in my own time and it didn’t get in the way of my lab work.”

PhD student, University of Pretoria, SA

University Reviews

Professor Emilie Rissman

College of Sciences, North Carolina State University, US

“At my university, we teach several professional development courses for graduate students, including courses on grant writing, posters, oral presentations, etc. But we do not offer a nuts and bolts science writing class.

Before the students do any of these other activities, they are required to write papers in their lecture/content courses.

The papers I have seen are not high quality.

I am delighted to be able to give this online training to the students as it covers the basics of science writing in a direct manner.

I have reviewed graduate training programs, and in my opinion, this training would be adopted by many programs.

I have not seen anything like it on the market.”

Lecturer, Dr Claire Newton

Centre for Neuroendocrinology, University of Pretoria, SA

“We often find that our postgraduate students lack scientific writing training and, as academic supervisors, much time and effort is spent mentoring and training students in this regard to bring their scientific writing skills up to an acceptable standard.

These competencies are not only vital attributes for the generation of high-quality postgraduate thesis/articles/dissertations for the pursuit of a career in academic science but are also valuable transferable skills that are relevant and highly regarded in many career settings.

This online coaching for our BSc Hons, MSc and PhD student cohort was extremely successful in providing concise but comprehensive training in the fundamentals of scientific writing and review of the scientific literature.

The training was structured such that the students could work at their own pace and tailor their learning to suit their individual needs/preferences.

As academic supervisors, this foundation greatly relieved the training burden on ourselves in addition to improving the quality of our student outputs.”

Director of Teaching, Dr Philip Bailey

School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK

“One of the challenges we set was to help with bringing the skills of overseas MSc students up to the standard required to write an effective thesis.

Since the introduction of these online training sessions, we have noted a marked improvement in the quality of these students’ writing skills and have been delighted with the contributions of SWL on this front.”

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